The skatepark

“A modern marvel” Tony Hawk Foundation

“One of my top ten favourite pools in the world” Lester Kasai

“The place is amazing. It has everything you wish for” Google review

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Crystal Palace Park skatepark consists of an extended 100 metre long and 11 metre wide curved concrete band, filled with a wide range of rideable terrains.


At the far end sits a cloverleaf pool, complete with swimming pool-style stone coping and tiling – the first skateboarding pool to be built in London for 40 years. This is 8.5 ft deep in the large round section, and 6 ft deep in the shallower sections.


In the middle is an L-shaped steel-coping bowl offering a multitude of hips and curves. This bowl varies between 5.5ft in the shallowest sections to 7 ft in the deepest section.


And at the entrance of the skatepark is a large mellow section, mostly 2-3 ft high. It offers various flat and transitioned banks plus an angled hip, banked ledge, pump bump and a 5 ft high taco.


BMX, quad-skating, rollerblading, scootering and skateboarding have all been considered in this design, and riders of all ages and abilities are very welcome.

Surrounding the skatepark – which sits in a distinctive raised tray-like platform – are a series of landscaped grass mounds, allowing for multiple viewing and relaxation points. The wider setting of Crystal Palace Park offers a variety of other leisure, play, café and transport facilities.

The unique design of the £350,000 skatepark is the product of an intensive collaboration between skatepark firm Canvas, Kinnear Landscape Architects and local riders, blending a highly contemporary approach with references to the historic context of Crystal Palace Park. It has been funded by the Mayor of London.

This skatepark sees skateboarding return to one of its historic homes, where the first major UK national skateboarding competition took place in 1977, and where many slalom and downhill events have also been held. It is located right next to the site of the world-famous skateboarding half-pipe of the 1980s.

A celebratory Summer Jam – attended by over 350 – was held on 25 August 2018.

Find out more

Facebook www.facebook.com/friendscrystalpalaceskatepark/

Instagram @friendscrystalpalaceskatepark

Skateboard lessons in July and August

The Crystal Palace Community Trust are running a programme of activities for youth this summer, including skateboarding lessons and instruction at Crystal Palace Skatepark.
These sessions will be held on the afternoons of 30 July, 6 August, 13 August and 20 August.
For more details, email halls@cpct.org.uk or call 020 8676 5666.
And as always, personal skateboard lessons can also be arranged – for details please email us via cpskatepark@gmail.com.

Summer Jam, Saturday 25 August 2018

The Summer Jam was epic, and over 350 people rocked up to enjoy the Crystal Palace skatepark.

Check our Facebook page and Instagram (@friendscrystalpalaceskatepark) for pics and video.

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Crystal Palace has a rich skateboarding history including the vert ramp and downhill skating scenes. And now we’re super stoked to celebrate your BRAND NEW skatepark at Crystal Palace, built by Canvas – Skateparks and Public Spaces.

Join us on Saturday 25th August 11am-4pm for our first SUMMER JAM.

A family-friendly event, with:

  • Free skate lessons (11.00-13.00) by Learn to Skateboard. Boards and pads provided.
  • MC Sean Goff, legendary UK skater and owner of ToddTwist skateshop
  • Pro rider Lee Blackwell, renowned European pro skater for 20 years, who recently starred on Sky television’s “Revolution”.
  • Prizes for best tricks and other random awards
  • Session for young rippers
  • Open sessions for all others
  • Music
  • Other great stuff

What’s happening and when

Free skate lessons in the mellow area
Open sessions for all in the middle bowl and pool

Official thanks

Young rippers (under 16s)

Pros, legends and advanced riders

Open sessions for all

Random prizes, give-aways and other stuff throughout the day

Free skate lessons

• Two slots available: 15 places at 11.00, and another 15 places at 12.00 (first come, first serve)
• Skateboards and pads provided
• All instruction provided by qualified teachers from “Learn to Skateboard”

Supporters, sponsors and friends

The Crystal Palace skatepark and Summer Jam have been made possible by these fine folk.

Canvas.jpg Canvas skateparks

GLA 4.pngGLA

Bromley.jpgLB Bromley

Bullet.jpg Bullet Creative

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 14.10.20.jpg FAR Academy

Finches.png Finches Emporium

Heroin4.jpg Heroin skateboards

LearnToSkateboard2.jpg Learn to Skateboard

R3v3r3nt.png R3V3R3NT

Shiner.png Shiner

ToddTwist.jpg ToddTwist

Western Decadence2.png Western Decadence




Triathlon event on 13 May 2018

On Sunday 13 May, there is a large Triathlon event taking place in Crystal Palace Park, from c. 9.00-17.00 The course runs along the service road right alongside the skatepark, and at times it is likely to be very busy with lots of cyclists and runners.

However, we are assured that there will still be access to the skatepark, and that marshals will be on hand to guide riders to and from the skatepark entrance.

GLA review of sports at Crystal Palace Park

The Mayor of London and the GLA are reviewing the future of sports facilities at the Crystal Palace park, including the National Sports Centre facility (the stadium, swimming pool etc) which is next to the Crystal Palace skatepark.

This is an opportunity for us to show that skateboarders are using the Crystal Palace park sports facilities, and help argue for improvements to the skatepark like adding lighting etc.

So please complete this short survey – just add “Skateboarding” as a “Other” option where appropriate.